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Living at Nine Mile Beach Booklet

Originally produced by a previous committee in 2009, this handy booklet has been updated by the current committee with help from Diane Bricknell. Contact us for a hard copy or view online.

Photo by Sue Bull

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Landcare working bees

Our Landcare group meets regularly (fortnightly or monthly) on Sunday mornings 

Contact us for more information

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East Coast Catchment Steering Committee

A new East Coast Catchment Steering Committee has been established in Glamorgan Spring Bay, overseen by the Landscape Recovery Foundation. 


Cambria Green planning scheme amendment

Draft specific area plan (July 22, 2022)

The draft amendment was rejected by Tasmanian Planning Commission website in October 2023. See the TPC website for further information. 

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Preparing your property for bushfire

Do your 5-minute bushfire plan now

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Report rubbish to the EPA

To have rubbish collected, report it to the EPA

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