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Fire fighting expo

Click below for notes from the speakers at our fire-fighting expo on Jan 14, 2024.


Dolphin Sands Emergency Management Plan

The purpose of this plan is to provide a framework for the identification and/or design of measures intended to mitigate emergency-related risks and impacts and support community preparedness in Dolphin Sands and surrounding areas.

Building in a bushfire zone.jpg

Guidelines for building in bushfire prone areas

Prepared by members from the Tasmania Fire Service, the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment, the building industry and local Government

Plants of Tasmania Easter 2020.jpg

Landscaping for bushfire

Garden design and plant selection

Produced by the CFA, Victoria

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Preparing your property for bushfire

Do your 5-minute bushfire plan now

image pets bushfire.JPG

Including animals in your bushfire plan

Prepared by DPIPWE

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Re-generating fire-affected areas

Prepared by Landcare Tasmania and NRM South

Plants of Tasmania Easter 2020.jpg

Suggested local plants for regeneration

Prepared by council

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TFS community bushfire protection plan

Prepared by the Tasmania Fire Service


East Coast Fire Protection Plan

State Fire Management Council 2018

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